Vilma Ferrell 
Limitless Family, it is with immense pride & honor that I introduce our newest Limitless Lady - Mrs. Vilma Ferrell! Vilma is the epitome of living life on & with purpose. As a mother, career woman, & First Lady, Vilma has pressed into God to discover amazing insight about who & what she was created to be. To find out more about how she maintains balance, prioritizes self-care, & what the Word says about being limitless, read this phenomenal interview below! 
1. What does it mean to you to live a "limitless life?”
As the young people will say, I laughed out loud when I read this first question. I am certain that if this question was answered by my parents, siblings or husband they will say something like “Vilma doesn’t abide to limits or boundaries.” I sort of have a reputation in my family for disregarding “norms.” As my husband will say, “I love rules, they just don’t apply to me.” Although I have always despise constraints, interestingly enough, it was just a little over 5 years ago that I received a revelation while doing a study on the Holy Spirit that shifted & fortified my outlook as it relates to living a limitless life. Prior to that study, my understanding was that we received “this or that” gift from the Spirit but upon further study & prayer I came to understand that the Spirit of God is our gift. So, with that powerful revelation came an aha moment. My possibilities transcend my human abilities. Time, location & status are human limitations. However, God has no beginning or end therefore when we receive his Spirit & we allow His Spirit to dwell within us, this concept of limitless becomes a mindset that gives us insight beyond our human abilities & a driver that pushes us beyond our comfortable “human boxes.” In retrospect, all I can say is that God kept me to be authentic in who He created me to be - a limitless lady.
2. As a mother, career woman, & First Lady, how do you stay balanced? What advice can you offer our Limitless family in terms of self-care in 2019?
I stay balanced by managing all of our schedules to minimize overlaps & undue stress. It took many years for me to learn how to incorporate flexibility into my planning but that has been the key to our family. If it works, great & if it is doesn’t, it all works for our good. My first word of advice as it relates to self-care would be for one to review & have a good understanding of the what’s, the why’s, the who’s & the how’s that dictate one’s life. To me, awareness of these internal & external factors are critical to wellness. Asking oneself, “are my activities in the path that God has lay for me?” Or “is my path a mix of my desires & other external forces?” For example, if a person is not aware of day in & day out why they do what they do, burn out is inevitable. One day, without much warning, the person will tire out & lose the zest to press through the hard times. 
Second, set priorities. It is so easy to become overwhelmed & lose focus on your priorities. A word of caution however, with this is to stay flexible. Life is like a long road trip across the country. Circumstances will change in a span of a couple miles. A well oiled machine, with the proper fuel, will be eager & curious of what is ahead & capable of completing the excursion. Life, like road trips, also requires direction & planning rest stops to avoid overheating. It demands an understanding that detours & rerouting are always a possibility in any kind of journey. 
3. Your ministry of living God's purpose out loud is evident in all of your professional & personal interactions. How do you seek spiritual balance in the midst of a chaotic world?
For me, sleep, a balanced diet & exercise are essential for my spiritual balance. My physical body is the temple where God’s Spirit lives & the vessel that He uses for His glory. It is extremely difficult for me to operate & minister to others when I am tired, hungry or sick. But it is also hard to maintain that physical balance which is the reason why having priorities is so important! 
4. Finally, what goal or vision have you set for yourself in 2019? What are you doing now to prepare to make this goal or vision a reality? 
God & family have always been a priority in my life. However, after having a very eventful & stressful 2018, I told God that I want to have a connection so strong with him that will allow me to hear him before he speaks. Just like he hears our thoughts, just like he comprehends before we utter a single word, I want to feel HIS PRESENCE DAILY. I want to be “in his head like that.” I know God is the word but I want more than the word, I want to know the living being that gave us the Word. I understand that God is way more extensive that 66 books. GOD is MASSIVE. When we come to the understanding that after thousands of years, we have yet to comprehend many of the mysteries of his creation in earth, it really highlights how much more there is to God. So after discussing this goal with God, he instructed me to make family my top priority. We couldn’t be the family that we are without the support my parents, siblings, in-laws have given us. I am married to a dynamic bi-vocational guy with a huge volume of responsibilities, we have three very active teenagers & my aging parents need me. So just like that, in the first couple of months in 2019, some great things happened at work, which has allow me shift my focus. I consider myself blessed to be able to have a career that allows me shift according to my family needs. 
Thus far this year, things that I have been working on both personally & professionally for years have become a reality. It has allowed me to sort of “close some chapters.” Yet, I have a complete understanding that the next dimension is going to require crazy faith. I am planning & preparing by continuing to be my authentic self, & I am putting the necessary time in myself, our family, our ministry. When the ordained time arrives, we will walk by faith & not by sight. We will completely encase, exhibit this concept of living a limitless life.roduct ambassador for Just Strong and Abella Eyewear. Once I complete the posts for these two products, I will send those to you as well to include on this particular page.