Limitless family, we are proud to introduce our new Limitless Lady - Ms. Noemi Pavon, Founder of The Pavon Firm, LLC! If you are considering taking a huge leap of faith this year, then Noemi's interview will inspire, motivate, & challenge you. Your purpose is waiting on you to trust God & pursue your destiny with passion in 2019. Find out how to do just that in Noemi's interview below! 

1. What does it mean to you to live a "limitless life?"


To live a limitless life means that I am deeply committed to overcoming & shattering the self-imposed limitations created in my mind (the thoughts of: but you're too young or that dream is too big...or you came from a certain neighborhood, etc). Being limitless means stepping into my power, defying the odds & boldly doing the work that God has called me to do.


2. You took a huge leap in faith to begin the Pavon Firm - a lifelong dream, passion project, & God-given gift. How has that one decision impacted your faith walk?


I stepped out on faith to build out The Pavon Firm because I know first hand the challenges that leadership presents. I wholeheartedly believe in world class leadership coaching & professional development, & I wouldn't trade what I'm doing now for anything else in the world. Surely, there moments where doubts quietly creep in, but I've learned to lean into God's word. During those times, I hear his voice speaking clearly to me: 2 Timothy 1:7, "For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline." This walk has taken a lot of the noise out of my life & my relationship with God has strengthened- more than ever before. What he is doing in my life & for my business is blowing my mind. He is doing immeasureably more.


3. Leadership consulting involves helping individuals develop a plan for success & giving the tools they need to attain that success. How do you help your clients overcome fear when it comes to transforming their leadership?


During my leadership graduate studies at Columbia University, we spent the first 45 minutes of everyday sitting in a small sized auditorium for Self Awareness training class every morning. We sat in silence & it was initially a deeply awkard experience. As time went on, we were coached on how to breathe, be present, & become mindful of our thoughts, body, emotions, & feelings. We were constantly pushed to be reflective & put the mirror up to ourselves. Overtime, I became accutely aware of my thoughts & actions, as well as the implications of each on me & others. 


Servant leadership is about serving people, & in order to do that in the best way, we must learn how to be present for them. We can only be present for the people we serve, if we can show up for ourselves first.

Leaders often struggle to take their leadership to the next level because of self-imposed limitations, blockages, fears & doubts that stop us from doing the needed work both within ourselves and for the people that we serve. The transformational work begins with us- so at the core of our coaching is ensuring that our leaders are growing themselves through self awareness & reflective practices. It brings me so much joy to see my leaders reach new heights that they previously did not think was possible for them- THAT's the best part of this work!


4. Finally, what goal or vision have you set for yourself in 2019? What are you doing now to prepare to make this goal or vision a reality?


My vision is brief: Live every day with love, purpose & discipline. I have a set routine every morning. I thank God for three things & then I say my personal mission statement. I say this aloud every morning because it grounds me in my purpose & values. I especially love these three parts within my personal mission statement:


#1. Seek God first in all things.
#2- My body is my temple and I will exercise wisdom in what I eat, see, hear & whom I socialize with.
#3- I will dream the biggest dream & follow through with disciplined action & disciplined thought.