The Limitless Lady is proud to present our first feature lady, Mrs. Tanya Haywood. Tanya embodies the limitless lifestyle with her amazing devotion to God, her family, & her daily interactions with others. Check out her insightful interview below & find out how she is preparing for the new year ahead! 

1. What does it mean to you to live a "limitless life"?

When I think of a “limitless life” unbounded, measureless & freedom all come to mind. A limitless life is what I personally have declared over my life! Nothing can stop me from being my best unless I allow it.

2. As a wife, mother, daughter, professional career woman, & First Lady, how do you stay balanced? What advice can you offer our Limitless family in terms of self-care?

As women we are pulled in so many different directions, family, work, church, & so much more. Balance starts with you! Know yourself, manage your commitments (super hard one for me), & take the time to take care of yourself.

Knowing yourself is vital if you expect to make good decisions with managing your time, talents & knowing what motivates you to be your best. Understanding your identity in Christ gives us purpose. We all have individual callings on our lives, but we share the primary purpose of being disciples of Christ. 

Managing your commitments is a tough one for me because I have a hard time saying no. I have learned that managing my time is a necessity for the well-being of myself as well as my family. As bad as we want to we can’t be everything to everyone.

Women are most definitely doers & we tend to think we can do it all. We must find the time for ourselves. I know this all too well as I wear many hats, & my life is always super busy. Currently, I am a wife to my amazing husband, mother to five beautiful children, First Lady at Radical Praise Ministries, a student at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke, & employee at Carver Middle School. On a daily basis I rarely get any alone time, but I do strive to make the time at least once or twice a month to do something for myself. It might be going out for a pedicure, getting my nails or hair done, or just sneaking away for some alone time. I am blessed that my husband understands how important it is for me to take care of myself so he always steps in my place & makes sure everyone is taken care of. For that I am very thankful.  

3. Society has often said that women cannot have it all? How do you make sure that you give your best self to all the different areas & roles in your life?

I take every role assigned to my name seriously. I personally have found that balance & planning is the key. I have certain nights of the week that I devote to certain tasks. I devote time to reading my Bible & prayer time, studying & homework, house cleaning, dinner dates with the kids weekly, & date nights with my husband are once or twice a month & a must! 

4. Finally, what goal or vision have you set for yourself in 2019? What are you doing now to prepare to make this goal or vision a reality? 

• In 2019, I want to make a greater difference in the lives of others. 
• In 2019, I will be a lot closer to completing my degree, & I plan to continue pushing to finish strong.
• In 2019, I want to advance to another level spiritually. 
• I am excited about what God has in store for Radical Praise Ministries. God has truly blown our minds 2018,so I cannot imagine all that 2019 has in store! 
• I am preparing myself now mentally, physically, & spiritually to go forward into 2019 as a “Limitless Lady” 

She is clothed in strength & dignity, & she laughs without fear of the future. (Proverbs 31:25)