Last year when I said goodbye to The Scholar Vlogger, I had no idea that God was birthing a movement through The Limitless Lady. Over the past few months, women have supported, followed, confirmed, uplifted, & sought after the message behind being limitless & I am grateful.

I had the opportunity a few weeks ago to attend the Dia de Guatemala at the NC Central Food Bank & met a community of women who welcomed the Limitless Lady with open arms!

The Limitless Lady LLC is committed to empowering women to alleviate their fears, unlock the potential of their mind, body, & spirit, & live their #LimitlessLifestyle. By building a community of women who rally around each other, collaborate with one another, & share their stories freely we are growing a Limitless Family that will be unstoppable! One young lady stopped by my table at the Dia de Guatemala & after I introduced myself & what I do, she said “This is so cool. I want to learn how to be limitless!” My soul immediately leaped because when you walk in & on purpose, God will confirm His gifts in your life. I am excited about this new community of Limitless Ladies & stay tuned for some awesome updates from The Limitless Lady LLC coming soon!